How Our Working
Capital Program Works

    Apply Online For Up To $150,000 In Working Capital!
    (After Completing this application, email your last 6 bank statements to

Trio can provide working capital even to firms in distress because we utilizes a micro payment repayment formula to make your payments easier.  Instead of one big monthly payment due each month, a company makes "micropayments" (small daily debits - only on non-holiday workdays).  


What is the minimum and maximum Working Capital loan allowed?

The minimum working capital loan we make is $25,000.  The maximum is $150,000.  


How Long Does It Take For Approval?

   Applications generally take 8 to 12 working hours to complete.  After completing your application online, please email or fax your last six monthly statements to


What Is The Term of the Loan?

    Working Capital Loans a short term loans meant to tide a business over for a short period of time.  Our working capital loans are 6 to 9 month loans, but you can extended/renew the loan every 3-4 month.  We have some people that have carried balances for years just by renewing the loan every 3-4 months.


What is needed to get started?

Just fill out the application to the right and fax or email your last six business bank statements.  Email bank statements to or fax them to (888) 715-6703.


How do I get more details on the
Working Capital Program?

For a complete handout on our Working Capital program, click here!


Don't forget to email your last six business banking statements upon completion!  Send statements to:
Fax (888) 715-6703

Upon completing your application, please send your last six business bank statements to or fax them to (888) 715-6703!